Policy for Inviting Students for Clinical Experiences

  1. Axis may allow students from Contracted Colleges for Clinical Hours. It must be understood that

    because it is a competitive placement, there is no guarantee of placement.

  2. Students must be in good academic standing with their college to apply

  3. Axis does not accept students for their first clinical because: students are overwhelmed by the pace and challenges of a community health center that serves patient who are primarily better served in languages other than English, and many students in their first (or second clinical) have not been exposed to documentation in an Electronic Health Records platform which results a waste of valuable clinical time.

  1. Students are accepted for one clinical at a time.

  2. Before beginning ALL students must complete “on boarding” to include compliance and HIPAA compliance and other assigned training.

  3. Student interested in a second clinical must apply for a second review in writing.

  4. Axis must have a collaborative contract with the Student’s College.

  5.  Current Clinical Contracts
    1. Augsburg College
    2. The Des Moines College of Osteopathic Medicine
    3. The University of Minnesota
    4. St. Catherine’s University
    5. Walden University
    6. Winona State University 
  6. If a student is from a college other than those contracted, the first step is to initiate a collaborative contract. The student must contact their college and ask that their placement office to initiate a contract.
    * Please note: contracts typically take several months. 

  7.  Axis serves a population with an increased risk associated with for example the SARS-CoV2 pandemic, and/or other public health risks. Students must agree to reasonable testing in the event of exposure, and must agree to reasonable policies including-if necessary-self quarantine. Further, the student agrees to inform the Axis Safety Officer of health status.

Application Process

I. The following MUST be received to initiate the process:

  1. The student’s CV

  2. A letter from the student addressing where they imagine they will be in 2-5 years; a statement of

    purpose around community health and service to others. Answer the question: Why Axis?

II. The student’s letter and CV will be circulated to current providers who are accepting students to match       the student’s and providers.

III. Once the student is accepted, the student will be asked to provide:

3. Proof the student is in good standing, a letter from the college placement. 4. The Collaboration/Preceptor agreements
5. Copy of insurance covering the student’s experience
6. And outline of the Learning objectives

7. Outline of hours/schedule
8. Any required reporting/evaluations for the preceptor 9. Copies of HIPAA and other training.

IIII. Universal Medical Services bbs Axis has a vested interest in ensuring the students brought in are  a good fit and are successful. The applicant’s CV and letter and package of supporting documents will given to the medical Director for final approval. 

IV. Once approved, an offer letter will be sent to the student with a copy to the students college, and to the preceptors.The letter will require a signature to accept and abide by the policies of the Universal Medical Services. signed acceptance must be returned timely. Failure to return the acceptance will result in withdrawal of the student from the clinical. 

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